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Registered office The Community Enterprise Centre, Cottingham Road, Hull HU5 2DH. Company number 3111401.Registered in England and Wales. Registered as a charity in the United Kingdom Charity number 1086502

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The Hull Gypsy and Traveller Project started in August 2002 to research the opinions of the Gypsy and Traveller community in regards to services; a document was produced entitled “Evaluation of Sites and Services”.  The document illustrated the need for work with this community to help improve quality of life, raise awareness and increase opportunities.


The project continued to work with the community, using the findings as a basis for its workplan.  A series of Children and Family activities was delivered in order to gain the community friendship and trust.  

Hull City Council has kindly funded the project’s Community Development Worker in a full-time capacity since 2004, with funding confirmed until Sept 2011.

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Difference between Sited, Housed and Highly Mobile Travellers

Sited – refers to those Travellers living on a site, whether that be Local Authority managed, private (with or without planning permission) or otherwise.


Housed – refers to any Travellers living in a house


Highly Mobile – sometimes also referred to as Transient Travellers are those Travellers that pass through an area and live temporarily on land without permission.  Sometimes these Travellers visit an area for work, to visit family, weddings, funerals etc or to attend a hospital appointment.  Others travel for ‘holidays’ or because they have nowhere else to go and live at each place as long as possible until they are issued with an eviction notices.

Some highly mobile Travellers have a winter base, which could be a site or house but travel from Spring to Winter.

Elaine Bates, Development Worker

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The project has achieved many outcomes over its duration, the most challenging being changing the attitudes and raising the aspirations of the Gypsy and Traveller Young People.  Since the project started, there has been an increase in young people taking school examinations, entering further education, gaining employment and a shift in their hopes for the future.  Many have become proud of their heritage and have come to realise that moving into a house does not mean you loose your ethnicity and values.

There has also been a shift in organisations attitudes to working with this community and trying to address some of the inequalities they face both as a community and as individuals.

Telephone:  01482 345872